Rethymnon Carnival 2016 Schedule

Taxi Rethymno - Rethmyno carnival - Schedule

This is the last week for the Carnival of Rethymno and the festivities reach their peak! The schedule of events is formed as follows:

Thursday 10/03/2016: City tour on bicycle
At 19.00 at Agnostos square, bicycle's friends in their costumes have the craziest, most colourful and funniest cycle tour of the year, filling the streets of Old Town with fun, fantasy, bicycles and masqueraders.

Friday 11/03/2016: Cretan Serenades / Cretan festivity
At 18.30 the Traditional Cretan Serenade is revived by Music School of Rethymno and the traditional music clubs, as well as the Carnival crews. The Serenades will fill the streets of the old town of Rethymno, starting from the Guora Gate till Agnostos square, where a Traditional festivity will take place at 20.30

Saturday 12/03/2016: Kids' parade / Night parade
At 17.30 the kids' parade starts from Kountourioti Avenue to the 2nd Primary School. The day ends with the night parade and the dj party at Mikrasiaton square.

Friday 13/03/2016: The Grand Parade
The Big parade of carnival floats and teams starts at 14.00 at Theotokopoulou interchange and finishes at Iroon Polytechniou square with a dj party!  At 18.30 the Closing ceremony takes place by burning the King Carnival along the beach front of the old town of Rethymno.

Saturday 14/03/2016: Ash Monday
Koulouma are celebrated all over Crete and traditional customs are revived! Moutzouroma, "The kite battle", Begiraki, Augomazoma, the Bride's stealing, are just some of them.

You can participate in Carnival festivities from everywhere in Crete, either individually by one of our profeassional taxis, or in groups using our VIP minibuses. Contact us and reserve your vehicle here>>