Rethymno Carnival 2018

Rethymno Carnival 2018

Rethymno Carnival takes place every year between February and March. Thousand of visitors and locals fill the streets of Rethymno wearing colourful suits which are inspired from multiple themes and current events..

There is dancing, there is music, there is alcohol and there is a party atmosphere! The carnival is a great and safe event for adults and children alike. The biggest day is the "Sunday Parade" (18 February 2018) on which the carnival teams present their vehicles made out of styrofoam and parade on the main avenue of Rethymno. The party goes on all night until "Ash Monday" (19 February 2018) morning! Other popular days include the "Fat Thursday" (08 February 2017) on which locals party and eat large amounts of grilled meat in the streets of the Old Town. The carnival teams regularly host theme parties in various nightclubs. As soon as the carnival is over the teams are already preparing for next year's carnival. It is never ending fun!

27 January 2018
Ceremony for the launch of the carnival season

08 February 2018
"Fat Thursday" (Tsiknopempti)

17 February 2018
Night parade of the carnival teams

18 February 2018
Grand parade of the carnival teams

19 February 2018
Ash Monday
Koulouma are celebrated all over Crete and traditional customs are revived! Moutzouroma, "The kite battle", Begiraki, Augomazoma, the Bride's stealing, are just some of them.